Regd. Trust Deed No.: 5367 of 2011


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To enhance the socio -economic status of young, under privileged  women by empowering them with self-confidence and the required skills to enabled them to become independent and contribute to family and society.


That the aims and objects for which this Trust is established are:

  • To promote and encourage the social development work mainly for the purpose of general welfare pf4 the people irrespective of caste, creed,  sect and religian.
  • To promote advancement  of education and to establish, run and maintain school, college, education centers, hostel and boarding house, coaching & vocational  training centers for boys and girls.
  • To establish and run school college, hostel, education & research center, library and study center, computerized data based information & communication center, audio and video based mobile exhibition cum visual library and hi-tech projection system with a view to develop regional and global studies.
  • To provide financial assistance to educational institutions and to establish and maintain scholarships and render other kinds of aid to poor and orphan students including supply of books, dress, educational kits, and other incentive.
  • To impart education with up to date knowledge of latest development and computer literacy with a view to develop quality and charecter of the students.
  • To award scholarship to deserving students for technical, medical, professional or general studies and to provide financial assistance to deserving students for higher studies.
  • To organize education tours, seminars and symposiums with a view to encourage value based social life, development of education and different aspects of the social science.
  • To work for the all-round development of the society including literacy campaign, health care, awareness on hygienic sanitation, immunization and baby care in the areas where the development program under the existing system is insufficient.
  • To take initiative for the development of Schedule Cast & Tribe, Minority and Backward classes of people particularly for the families belongs to the “below poverty line” and to provide shelter to the homeless. 
  • To establish and develop institution for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them, education, training, food, clothing and other help.
  • To take special care for the female literacy by providing counseling facilities and environmental and financial support and to approve grant for literacy and health related projects located in backward rural areas. 
  • To help assist co-operate social activists, philanthropists and noble personalities and to encourage philanthropic activities and programs relating to basic moral values among the people and also to work for the development of humanity with a view to progress, peace and prosperity.
  • To organize relief camps, relief work in the event of natural calamities, flood, storm, riots and social upheavals in any part of the country and to grant relief and assistance to the needy, victims, handicap and disabled persons and to give donations to the welfare centers and charitable institutions or persons engaged in such relief work including Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or Chief Minister’s Special Relief Fund.
  • To establish and manage health centers, hospital, medical units, orphanage, old age home, rehabilitation and adult education centers and to establish and run Charitable Maternity Center for the poor and deserving family and at the locality where this facility is not within the reach.
  • To organize programs for creating health and environmental awareness at the local or regional level including campaign against ill-habits, pollution, malnutrition, alcoholism, smoking, nudity, drug addiction, polio and AIDS and to organize medical camps, blood donation camps, eye operation camps, health checkup programs at any place particularly in rural and slum areas.
  • To provide ambulance services for the neediest and deserving patients of the backward areas and to provide medicine free of cost to the suffering persons living below the poverty line.
  • To provide and maintain hygienic sanitation and bore well for pure drinking water to the most backward and Arsenic affected rural areas particularly at the place of community gatherings and to grant financial assistance to the health and medical centers running for the benefit of the poor particularly in the remote areas.
  • To establish business guidance cell with a view to provide news and bulletins regarding scopes of employment, training, loans, business opportunities on regular basis along with the latest market report and to set up employment cell to give opportunity and scope of service all over the country as well as in abroad.
  • To give financial assistance and/or interest free loan to the individuals co-operatives for establishment of business and industry particularly to the prosperous entrepreneurs and to set up and run business houses industries co-operatives financial institutions on non-profit basis.
  • To encourage handcrafts and cottage industry among the people of rural or urban belt and to help honor encourage the craftsman, designer, artisan and persons having artistic taste and talent.
  • To work and encourage people for agriculture and forestation on barren land and to give them understand about the environmental problems and ecological imbalances caused for the massive deforestation.
  • To provide financial support to the poor farmers and to provide them latest technological assistance and more beneficial scientific method of firming and to encourage people in the rural areas about the benefit of the solar energy and also to provide them with latest instruments and technology of the solar energy.
  • To set up legal help center with a view to provide legal aid to the poor and suppressed families free of cost and also to create awareness among the people about the moral values and basic human rights.
  • To affiliate, associate, co-operate and collaborate with any other organizations, N.G.O., societies or trusts having similar aims and objects within the country or in the international level.
  • To create and accept donations, subscriptions, charges, fees, gifts, benefactions, bequests and grants in cash or kind from public, institutions, government from inside the country and from abroad for achieving the objects of the Trust.
  • To do all such things that the Trustee will deem fit, necessary, incidental, conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Trust.


20th Jan. 2019

  • Our recent project was at Raine Kolaghat, and Raychak Mecheda, East Midnapur. Here we visit Oldage Home and discussion with them their requirement and major dificulties directly. We planning to solve their present issues.